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About Us: A Faith-Based Approach

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A Math Teacher started this tutoring business in a coffee shop, giving students math support and a better chance to pass the Regent & State Exams. Our overall goal is to get more students on the correct path to STEM Careers and we know it starts with MATH.

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A Faith-Based Math School/Program, boasts over 15 years of experience dedicated to student success, regardless of their math level, skill, or understanding.  

"The math is not my concern; my concern is you." 

"What does Your Math Need? I need coffee."

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Description of our Program

Our Faith-Based Math School merges the worlds of faith and mathematics to create an enriching educational experience. Imagine a Math Program that is about personal growth and nurturing self-confidence.


Our Faith-Based Math School is designed for everyone, principals, Christian schools, teachers, parents, and students who value a holistic education that integrates faith and academics. It welcomes students of all ages and mathematical abilities.

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Why Algebra 1?

  • In America, only 24% of public school students 
    take algebra in 8th grade.

  • When students take Algebra I at the right time it matters

  • But many students do not have early access​.

  • Access to Algebra I in the 8th grade is uneven 
    across the country

  • Enrollment lags behind access. Even when they 
    can take Algebra I, many 8th graders do not

  • ​Students will not reap the benefits of access to 
    more STEM courses if they are not actually 
    enrolled in the courses.

“Early access to algebra has an effect beyond simple increased knowledge measures and, in fact, may “socialize” a student into taking more mathematics, regulating access both to advanced coursework and increased achievement in high school.” - JB Smith

“The percentage of students entering STEM fields was higher among students who took trigonometry, precalculus, or calculus in high school.
” - X. Chen

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1- On -1 Tutoring

We also offer virtual tutoring sessions to students in any range of math topics. Tutoring plans are customized to each individual student's needs! 

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