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Math Teachers in a Coffee Shop

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You need help with math & we just need coffee

Math Needs Coffee is business that offers math support at any level. Our teachers come up with innovative strategies to help students of all ages understand.​


We've Got You Coverd

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A Tailored Approach to Learning

We make learning achievable. Our courses break math down to be more digestible for all grade bands.

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is the inner journey toward self-discovery and deeper connection with the world, fostering personal transformation and purpose.

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Proven Student Success

At Math Needs Coffee, we consult with each and every student to assess their learning needs and tailor our approach to each student.

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Customized​ Learning Plans

When you book a session or course with us, we make sure your learning package is customized with each student in mind.

Small Business Plan Workshop
November 14, 2023 4:30 - 5:30pm
77 Sands St, Dumbo Brooklyn 

Join us for an interactive workshop designed to guide you through the initial steps of building your business.
Step 1: Define your product or service
Step 2: Conduct thorough research, Identify constraints,
Assess potential profit
Step 3: Enhance your financial skills through graphing
Step 4: Strengthen your financial skills through algebraic techniques
Step 5: Master effective presentation techniques

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and skills to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey!

Students ($3)

Adults ($5)

Note: After payment, you will receive login credentials through your Email.


My daughter, who is in 8th grade, was not initially placed in the Algebra 1 class. Fortunately, we found a program here that offered the course with a certified teacher. With just two sessions a week, this dedicated teacher helped my daughter successfully pass the exam. I am incredibly grateful for their support and expertise


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